What is Blacksmithing?

Blacksmithing is an art form of creating items from metal through the process of forging. Forging is not the modern process of metal work where you melt the metal to a molten form and pour into a mold. In blacksmithing you heat the metal until it is soft and then shape the metal.

Blacksmithing takes much more time to create something than any modern process but the end result is a work of art, be it a common horse shoe or a beautiful hand forged sword. There are a few main methods of blacksmithing techniques such as bending and punching, drawing, which is lengthening the metal and shrinking, which causes the metal to be shorter and thicker.

Blacksmithing has been important in any society throughout history. Blacksmiths were able to produce weapons tools and art, many of which that have lasted through time. While due to the industrial revolution, Blacksmithing is no longer socially compulsory but we still need the art to be kept alive. It is a beautiful and useful art form. It is a sad loss that it has become as obscure as it has so far.

Even though blacksmithing has become more of a hobby, it can still be very profitable because of the innate value of anything hand-made. It can be a bet expensive to get started but the joy and beauty is well worth the effort. Give it a try on a small a scale as possible to see if it is something you are cut out for.


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